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Professional Insurance Claims Handlers & Loss Assessors

Claims Management Loss Assessors Ltd are insurance claims handlers and loss assessors, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

CMLA ensures you obtain the maximum settlement that could realistically be expected from your insurance claim.

We deal with all commercial and domestic claims, including fire, theft, water damage, subsidence, accidental damage/loss, or goods in transit.

With more than 30 years gained in the insurance claims arena, our experienced and qualified advisers and loss assessors are expertly placed to handle every aspect of your claim, from the outset right through to negotiating settlement.Insurance claims are traumatic; with CMLA you get peace of mind knowing that you will be dealt with in a friendly, supportive and professional manner. To provide an all-round claims handling service, CMLA has a network of chartered surveyors, consulting engineers, building contractors, chartered accountants, all there to assist you in your claim resolution.

Our fee, agreed at the outset, is based on a percentage of the final settlement amount.

We work on a  “NO SETTLEMENT- NO FEE” basis.


Claims Management Loss Assessors Ltd

Office: 020 8343 7259

Mobile: 07813 832 469  (24 hours)

Email: admin@cmla.co.uk